Friday, November 15, 2013

'Tis the season...But not really!

Yeah, I know I'm a bit early since we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet buuuuuut....the awesome Sonja, Pintester extraordinaire is doing another "Pintester Movement" that I can ABSOLUTELY get behind. The theme of this movement is Christmas (Christmas ornaments to be exact) and anyone that really knows me can tell you that I'm obsessed with Christmas and all my decorations (a whole 3 giant boxes full, not including the 5 foot tall tree)! So I immediately hopped onto Pinterest and opened my everything Christmas board and perused all my decorations to be made in the future. 

First I needed to find a kick-ass decoration to add to the very first tree of Jodee from the Cheeseblarg (follow her!) who really needs her tree not to look like a "shitty Charlie Brown tree". 
Step number 1: Look at her ornament board and try not to want to make EVERYTHING! 
Step number 2: Decide. This is actually harder than it sounds! 

What I really wanted to make were these adorable My Little Pony ornaments but there isn't a tutorial on how to make them and I don't think I'd be any good at guessing about all those little pieces. 

So instead I picked one that I actually could do and one that Sophia (my 3 year old) would go bananas for! 
Dinosaurs and glitter! What's not to love!?

First, I got everything together that I would need. 

Then I screwed in the eye hooks which ended up being really easy, they just screw right in!

The last step was to go glitter crazy! Which I did....

Two days later, a sealing layer of Mod Podge, and a ton of glitter layers, I was done! And it was so much fun to do! 

By the end of it I was the glitter fairy! Where I went, glitter would just fall behind me like fairy dust. But it was so worth it! 
Just look at them! 

Jodee you have one of these beauties heading your way! Sorry I couldn't find a T-rex though. I really wanted one for myself as well! 
As an added bonus and to have something cheese related I also wanted to make this bit of cheesy cuteness

But then I realized I have no clue how to felt things and learning would take forever and frankly, ain't nobody got time for that! 
And I liked it!

So Merry Christmas in November and leave a comment, they excite me! 


  1. These dinos are the hippest of the season. And I'm telling you, that mouse in Swiss cheese is about the CUTEST EVER. I'm dying. Merry Christmas! ~Ethne

  2. Your ornament was the second that I got and I LOVE it. These glitter dinos are the best thing ever. And I must recommend taking up felting. Of course, I am an artist, so I might just be being a butthole by saying it is easy, but it is easy. You just stab until to gets to be the shape you want. If you start with one of the kits, which is about 10 dollars at most craft shops, you can try it out without much commitment. I really highly recommend it.

    1. Stabbing stuff....ok...I'm down!

    2. However... keep kiddies away from the needles; they are sharper than seems humanly possible... AND watch your fingers. I bought silicone finger thimbles that I wear on three fingers of my right hand (since I am left handed I stab with my left and my right holds the project) and I still sometimes stab myself pretty good if I am being overzealous or watching tv while trying to felt.

  3. I see you were brave enough to use glitter as well! Hope your clean-up went better than mine, I am still cleaning up glitter 5 days after. These look very cute!

    1. I never actually cleaned anything up....I wiped off the table and whatever was left just kinda scattered around the house for a week or so until I decided to vacuum. There are still some remnants here and there though. It was worth it though!

  4. This little guys have amazing detail - I'm impressed you could get the glitter to behave so well!

  5. I am amazed at your glittery braveness!

  6. These turned out beautifully! Great job! My friend has a young daughter who loves to wear sparkly princess dresses (as did my daughter). She had the best comment... she said, "There is glitter everywhere! She even poops glitter!" Hahaha. I don't doubt it.

  7. I am thinking of making these. I have a question. How do you apply the Modge Podge to the dinosaur after you put glitter on it? Won't that just pull off the glitter?

  8. Once the glitter and first layer of mod podge dried and I sorta dusted it off a bit, it was fine. If you do it gently and don't press too hard not that much will come off. It may flake off a bit but not so much that it'll leave gaps of bare spots or anything.