Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baileys Fudge

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"Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start." (Yes, that was a Sound of Music quote and yes, I am a nerd and proud of it!.)

Anyway, I was into Pinterest before it was the ultimate boredom killing tool. I can spend hours just browsing and pinning hundreds of things that I'll probably never get around to doing, making, cooking, or baking. 
As luck would have it, one day I pinned a hilarious pin of a lady going around her house and getting drunk. Her name is Sonja Foust and she is the ultimate Pintester. I liked her posts so much that I now follow her religiously! How could I not after watching her set a bottle on fire right? 
So she came up with the brilliant plan called The Pintester Movement which inspired me to now keep up with my blog and actively apply myself more! It'll also, hopefully, get me some followers. 
So I answered the call of the movement and tried out a recipe. (This is the only thing that was quick enough for me to do in one day and I had all the ingredients surprisingly!) I even went a bit picture crazy with it! 
I've tried to make fudge before but always seem to burn the ingredients. So this was great for me since it's made in the microwave. So I followed the directions...

I got all my ingredients together. Even a little extra Amarula in case I didn't have enough Baileys.  Feel free to ignore my cheap Ollies vanilla extract and my vitamins and washing machine in the background.
All the ingredients in a bowl and carefully measured with a scale so there could be no way to mess this up. (That was my thought process at least).

Into the microwave (where I found out how many watts my microwave is).

Mixing at the half way point. Make sure you keep an eye on it!

Or this will happen to you too! And what a b!?@h that was to clean up!

After adding the vanilla and Baileys. Does it look glossy?

And into an 8x8 pan since I don't have a 9 inch, and into the fridge! 
I'm not really sure how long you're supposed to cool it but I kept mine in there for a few hours and when I took them out they were still a bit melty and smooshy (yes those are words) so my guess would be overnight for best results. 

End result! The Baileys actually goes a long way and one piece goes a long way as well. They make a really good bedtime (grown up) sweet treat. And hey, I freakin made fudge! Woop woop! And also...

Thanks for my kick in the pants Sonja! 


  1. Ooooooh so sorry about your poor microwave! But the fudge looks amazing and now I kind of want to try it, too!

  2. So now I have to make this. But I may line the microwave first? Excellent test, thanks very much.

  3. This one is a great idea because even if it does fail, you've still got the booze.